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Table 3 Approaches to analysis

From: Methodological issues and recommendations for systematic reviews of prognostic studies: an example from cardiovascular disease

Results reported Canivano and Gracia [10] HTA report [8] Li et al.[15] Krasopoulos et al.[11] Pusch et al.[12] Snoep et al.[13] Sofi et al.[14] Wisman et al.[16]
Narrative/results tabulated only        
Tabulated by PFT         
Forest plot (no pooling)         
Meta-analysis (fixed effect)        
Meta-analysis (random effects)    (As sensitivity analysis)   
Pooled RR    (As sensitivity analysis)    
Pooled OR        
HRs reported   (Not pooled)       
Meta-analysis by PFT     (For some)   
Meta-analysis by outcome        
Meta-analysis by mono- or dual therapy        
Meta-analysis by duration of follow-up       
Meta-analysis by aspirin dose      
Meta-analysis by population       
Sensitivity analysis (quality)        
Results by different thresholds presented         
Adjusted/unadjusted results presented