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Table 2 Numerical details of different methods to be used in the imputation analyses

From: Impact of missing participant data for dichotomous outcomes on pooled effect estimates in systematic reviews: a protocol for a methodological study

Analytic method Intervention arm Control arm
  Numerator Denominator Numerator Denominator
Complete (available) case analysis c a - b g e - f
None has event c a g e
All had event b + c a f + g e
Best case scenario c a f + g e
Worst case scenario b + c a g e
Using the concept of RILTFU/FU [b x y x c/(a - b)] + c a [f x z x g/(e - f)] + g e
Incidence for missing participants same as observed in same arma [b x c/(a - b)] + c a [f x g/(e - f)] + g e
Incidence for missing participants in both arms same as observed in control arm [b x g/(e - f)] + c a [f x g/(e - f) ] + g e
  1. Refer to Table 1 for what values letters a-g refer to y and z refer to RILTFU/FU in the intervention and control arm, respectively[8].
  2. aThis is a special case of RILTFU/FU method where y = z = 1.