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Table 1 Summary of WHO position papers on the recommended vaccines

From: Safety of licensed vaccines in HIV-infected persons: a systematic review protocol

Antigen Children Adolescents Adults
Hepatitis B 3–4 doses 3 doses for high-risk groups if not previously vaccinated
Polio 3–4 doses   
DTP 3 doses, booster (DTP), 1–6 years of age Booster Booster
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) 3 doses with DTP   
Pneumococcal (conjugate) 3 doses with DTP   
Rotavirus 2 or 3 doses with DTP   
Measles 2 doses   
Rubella 1 dose 1 dose, adolescent girls if not previously vaccinated
HPV 3 doses Girls  
Japanese encephalitis 1 dose, booster dose after 1 year Booster dose after every 3 years up to 10–15 years of age  
Yellow fever 1 dose   
Tick-borne encephalitis 3 doses   
Typhoid 1 dose or 3 doses (dependent on vaccine), booster dose after 3–7 years
Cholera 3 doses with booster after every 6 months, 2 doses for children of 6 years and older/adults with booster every 2nd year
Meningococcal 1 dose (1–29 years)
Men A conjugate 2 doses (2–11 months) with booster 1 year after 1st dose
Men C conjugate 2 doses (9–23 months), 1 dose (2 years and older)
Quadrivalent conjugate  
Hepatitis B At least 1 dose at 1 year or older
Rabies 3 doses
Mumps 2 doses   
Influenza (inactivated) 2 doses, revaccinate annually 1 dose from 9 years of age, revaccinate annually
  1. Vaccines for varicella virus, herpes zoster virus and pneumococcal (polysaccharides) are not in this table, but will be included in the review. This table is adapted from the Summary of WHO Position Papers—Recommendations for Routine Immunization. 1 (