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Table 2 Data extraction sheet

From: Assessment of causal link between psychological factors and symptom exacerbation in inflammatory bowel disease: a protocol for systematic review of prospective cohort studies

General information  
  Researcher’s name
Date of data extraction
Article title
Type of publication (for example, journal article, conference abstract)
Country of origin
Study characteristics Aim/objectives of the study
Study design
Study inclusion and exclusion criteria
Recruitment procedures used (for example, details of randomisation, blinding)
Unit of allocation (for example, participant, GP practice, and so on)
Participant characteristic Age
Socioeconomic status
Disease characteristics
Number of participants
Setting of the study  
  Whether all outcomes were defined and reported
Measurement tool or method used
Unit of measurement (if appropriate)
Length of follow-up, number and/or times of follow-up
Type of analysis used in study (for example, intention to treat, per protocol
Conclusion as per authors