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Table 1 The inclusion checklist for screened references

From: A systematic review investigating fatigue, psychological and cognitive impairment following TIA and minor stroke: protocol paper

Study design Cross sectional
Case control
Case series
Other (please specify)
Study objectives relevant to topic
Report characteristics Full article
Conference abstract
Other (please specify)
Publication date 1993 to 2003
Participants TIA
Minor stroke
Study sample are adults
Participants have no previous history of stroke/subgroup analysis of those with no history of stroke
Participants stoke free during follow-up/subgroup analysis of those stroke free
Comparator (Do NOT exclude if no comparator) Comparator group present? (If no, go to outcomes)
No previous history of stroke, minor stroke or TIA
Outcomes Measure for anxiety
Measure for depression
Measure for fatigue
Measure for PTSD
Measure for cognition
Quality of life reported
Change in emotions reported
Return to work reported
Frequencies reported/can be calculated