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Table 1 Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials (IMMPACT) core domains (1 to 6)[3840] and additional patient reported core domains (7 to 9)[37]

From: Opioids for chronic non-cancer pain: a protocol for a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Domain Criteria
1 Pain
2 Physical functioning (including quality of life)
3 Emotional functioning
4 Participant rating of improvement and satisfaction with treatment
5 Adverse symptoms and adverse events
6 Participant disposition (for example, adherence to the treatment regime and reasons for premature withdrawal from the trial)
7 Role functioning (that is, work and educational activities, social and recreational activities, home and family care)
8 Interpersonal functioning (that is, interpersonal relationships, sexual activities)
9 Sleep and fatigue