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Table 1 Screening and selection criteria checklist

From: Immigrant women’s experiences of postpartum depression in Canada: a protocol for systematic review using a narrative synthesis

Citation _____________________________ Yes No Can’t say
Criteria for selection
1. Publication date 2000 to 2013    
2. English or French language    
3. Empirical research and findings    
4. Study participants live in Canada    
5. Study participants are immigrant    
  women (where there is mixed sample    
  of immigrant and non-immigrant women    
  each paper must have findings specific    
  to immigrant women)    
6. Is related to ethnoculturally defined    
  patterns of help-seeking behaviors and    
  decision-making or predictive factors    
  related to postpartum depression    
7. Is related to therapeutic mental health    
  care access or outcomes with respect to    
  postpartum depression    
  1. The first five items and one of the sixth or seventh must be met for retention.