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Table 1 PubMed search strategy, modified as needed for use in other databases a

From: Health education interventions to raise awareness of rheumatic fever: a systematic review protocol

Search PubMed
1 (awareness) OR (“health promotion”) OR (intervention) OR (“health educat*”)
2 (“rheumatic fever” [MeSH]) OR (“rheumatic heart disease” [MeSH]) OR ([tiab])
3 (streptococ*) OR (“group A strept*”) OR (GAS) OR (“strept* pyogenes”)
4 (“sore throat”) OR (pharyngitis) OR (“throat infection”)
5 1 AND 2
6 1 AND 3
7 1 AND 4
8 5 AND 6 AND 7
  1. *, wildcard term as per database notation; aMeSH, medical subject heading.