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Table 3 Data from longitudinal studies reporting associations between fatigue and other variables after traumatic brain injury a

From: Fatigue in adults with traumatic brain injury: predictors and consequences. A systematic review of longitudinal study protocols

Abstracted data
First author, date, country, study setting
Sample size (N), injury severity and definition (% of total), time since injury (TSI), mean age (or age ± SD), sex (M,%)
Study design, follow-up time
Main statistical method
Measure of fatigue
Medication regime (if reported)
Results Associations between fatigue and other factors post-TBI*
  Measure of other factor(s)
  1. a Only results from multivariable analysis will be reported. Univariate associations will be reported only if an adjustment was not performed. Where possible, 95% confidence intervals will be reported.
  2. TBI, traumatic brain injury.