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Table 3 Summary table of facilitators of male PMTCT involvement

From: Male involvement in prevention programs of mother to child transmission of HIV: a systematic review to identify barriers and facilitators

Health system facilitators
Invitation letters from health service inviting men to PMTCT [20, 38, 41, 47, 49].
Offering routine voluntary couple counselling [25, 37, 40, 42].
Provision of counselling services during non-working hours [40, 47].
Offering of counselling and testing for HIV at sites other than antenatal care [41, 47].
Availability of health personnel to encourage testing and facilitate disclosure [19].
Change from voluntary counselling and testing to routine counselling and testing [34].
Offering of counselling and testing for HIV within antenatal settings [47].
Differential targeting and offering of counselling and testing of HIV to men accompanying their wives to the delivery wards [23].
Holding of open discussions on free prenatal HIV testing for partners [35].
Differential counselling for HIV positive women [32].
Community sensitization activities [20].
Availability of anti-retroviral drugs in the health centre [20].
Relationship dynamics factors
Monogamous marriage or cohabitation of partners [14;25;42].
Discussion of PMTCT within the couple [14, 48].
Sero-concordance for HIV [42].
Male individual facilitators
Previous male testing for HIV [14, 44].
Providing men with time to consider PMTCT recommendations [33, 37].
Increased male knowledge concerning HIV and perceived benefits of PMTCT [19, 48].
Female individual factors
Lack of financial dependence on the part of women [15].
Positive attitudes of women towards disclosure of their test results [46].
  1. PMTCT=Prevention of mother-to-child transmission, HIV=Human Immuno-deficiency Virus.