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Table 1 Trial reporting criteria investigated and numbers of trials with satisfactory reporting

From: Completeness of reporting of setting and health worker cadre among trials on antenatal iron and folic acid supplementation in pregnancy: an assessment based on two Cochrane reviews

Criteria investigated Descriptive points Trials reporting
Setting Type of facility (for example, primary care clinic) and geographic location (for example, Mexico City) 68% (n = 46/68)
Details to help clarify the setting (for example, information on care level, types of services provided, whether privately or publicly funded, characteristics of supervisory or management staff) 26% (n = 18/68)
Description of the population receiving the intervention (for example, socioeconomic status, educational level, marital status et cetera) 54% (n = 37/68)
Health worker cadre Level of training (professional qualifications, non-professional training or experience) 34% (n = 23/68)
Intervention-specific training received by health workers involved in delivery of the intervention 4% (n = 3/68)
  Information regarding supporting cadres or supervision 25% (n = 17/68)