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Table 2 Details of the three DTARs used as interview material

From: A qualitative study into the difficulties experienced by healthcare decision makers when reading a Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy review

  Galactomannan review MRI versus CT review Physical examination review
Index test(s) Galactomannan sandwich ELISA (Platelia©) Diffusion-weighted MRI and CT (for the diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke); MRI (for the diagnosis of acute hemorrhagic stroke) A number of physical examination tests such as straight leg raising and crossed straight leg raising tests.
Reference standard EORTC/MSG criteria (see review) Acute ischemic stroke: a combination of clinical and imaging information supported by clinical or imaging follow-up (CT or MRI) or autopsy; Diagnostic imaging or findings at surgery
Acute hemorrhagic stroke: a clinical diagnosis supported by CT or autopsy
Target condition Invasive aspergillosis Acute ischemic stroke; acute hemorrhagic stroke Radiculopathy due to lower lumbar disc herniation
Presentation of the results from meta-analysis Estimates of sensitivity and specificity (percentages) and false positive and false negative rates (natural frequencies) Estimates of sensitivity and specificity (percentages) Estimates of sensitivity and specificity (percentages)