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Table 1 Checklist for quality of economic evaluations

From: Economic analyses of breast cancer control in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Item Fully Partial Not at all Not appropriate
Original checklist 2 points 1 point 0 points NA
Study design     
 1. The research question is stated
 2. The economic importance of the research question is stated
 3. The viewpoint(s) of the analysis are clearly stated and justified (relating to a particular decision-making context)
 4. The rationale(s) for choosing the alternative programs or interventions which are compared is stated
 5. The alternatives being compared are clearly described
 6. All relevant alternatives are included
 7. The choice of economic evaluation is justified in relation to the questions addressed
Effectiveness estimation     
 8. The primary outcome measure for the economic evaluation is clearly stated
 9. The source(s) of effectiveness estimates used is clearly stated
 10. Details of the design and results of the effectiveness study are given (if based on a single study)
 11. Details of the methods of synthesis or meta-analysis of estimates are given (if based on multiple studies)
 12. Data and methods used to value health states and other benefits are stated and justified.
Cost estimation     
 14. Indirect non-healthcare costs are included or discussed
 15. Quantities of resources are reported separately from their unit costs
 16. Methods for the estimation of quantities and unit costs are described and justified.
 17. Details of currency of price adjustments for inflation or currency conversion are given
 18. Time horizon of costs and benefits are stated
 18. Details of any model used are given
 19. The choice of model used and the key parameters on which it is based are justified
 20. The discount rate(s) is stated
 21. The choice of rate(s) is justified
 22. Details of statistical tests and confidence intervals are given for stochastic data
 23. Sensitivity analysis is performed:  2) Probabilistic (bootstrap/Monte Carlo)  1) Deterministic (one way /multiple way)
 24. The choice of variables in sensitivity analysis and the range over which these variables are varied is justified
 25. Incremental analysis is performed and reported
Interpretation of results
 26. Major outcomes are presented in a disaggregated as well as aggregated form
 27. The answer to the study question is given
 28. Relevant alternatives are compared
 29. Conclusions follow from the data reported
 30. Conclusions are accompanied by the appropriate caveats such as generalizability, equity, feasibility, and implementation
  1. This checklist was adapted from Drummond and Jefferson [24].