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Table 1 Studies reviewed in full-text

From: Primary care-based educational interventions to decrease risk factors for metabolic syndrome for adults with major psychotic and/or affective disorders: a systematic review

Authors, year Reason for exclusion
Alvarez-Jiminez et al.,[38] Partially pharmacological intervention, mix of different settings (including primary care).
Attux, Martini, de Araujo, Roma, Reis and Bressan,[39] Not RCT; not primary care (mental health services)
Ball, Coons and Buchanan,[40] Not primary care (both arms from outpatient MH services); not randomized
Bradshaw, Lovell and Harris,[41] Not an RCT, not primary care
Brar et al.,[42] Not primary care
Brown, Goetz, Van Sciver, Sullivan and Hamera,[43] Not primary care
Centorrino et al.,[44] Not primary care; no control group
Chafetz, White, Collins-Bride, Cooper and Nickens,[45] Not primary care
Druss, Rohrbaugh, Levinson and Rosenheck,[24] Wrong outcome
Evans, Newton and Higgins,[46] Not primary care
Fosberg, Bjorkman, Sandman and Sandlund,[47] Not primary care
Jean-Baptiste et al.,[48] Not primary care
Jones, Basson, Walker, Crawford and Kinon,[49] Pharmacological intervention
Kalarchian et al.,[50] Not an RCT, not primary care
Khazaal et al.,[51] Not primary care
Kilbourne et al.,[52] Not primary care; outcome not physical health
Kwon et al.,[53] Not primary care
Littrell, Hilligoss, Kirshner, Petty and Johnson,[54] Not primary care, partially pharmacological
Mauri et al.,[55] Not primary care
McKibbin et al.,[56] Not primary care
Ohlson, Treasure and Pilowsky,[57] Not RCT; not primary care
Park, Usher and Foster,[58] Review paper
Pendlebury, Bushe, Wildgust and Holt,[59] Not primary care, no control group
Perlman et al.,[60] Not RCT; not primary care
Poulin et al.,[61] Not primary care
Rotatori, Fox and Wicks,[62] Not primary care
Skrinar, Huxley, Hutchinson, Menninger and Glew,[63] Not primary care
Vreeland et al.,[64] Not primary care, not randomized
Weber and Wyne,[65] Not primary care
Weber and Nelson,[66] Not RCT; not primary care