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Table 1 Inclusion criteria (PICOTS elements)

From: A protocol for a systematic review of birth preparedness and complication readiness programs

PICOTS Inclusion criteria
Participants Pregnant women, women who have recently delivered, husbands of pregnant women, husbands of women who have recently delivered, health-care providers, traditional birth attendants, all adults in the community (in low- and middle-income countries)
Intervention Antenatal care education containing BP/CR components, community programs including BP/CR, single BP/CR interventions, training of health workers (skilled birth attendant, community health worker, health promotion officer), training of community volunteers
Control Standard practice
Outcome Preparedness: Knowledge of danger signs, creation of and applying a birth plan, funds allocated, transportation arrangements
Pregnancy: Antenatal care with skilled health worker
Delivery: Delivery by a skilled birth attendant, maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity
Timeframe Duration of follow-up and possible exposure to the intervention
Setting Low- and middle-income countries. Interventions can use facility-based, community-based or home-based services
  1. BP/CR, birth preparedness and complication readiness; PICOTS, participant, intervention, control, outcome, timeframe and setting.