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Table 1 PubMed search strategy and keyword definitions

From: The effectiveness of acupuncture research across components of the trauma spectrum response (tsr): a systematic review of reviews

Component Search stringa Keywords/definitions for each component used in screening and review phases
Chronic pain Acupuncture AND (“pain”[Mesh] OR “pain” OR “chronic pain” OR “back pain”[Mesh] OR “facial neuralgia”[Mesh] OR “prostatitis”[Mesh] OR “fibromyalgia”[Mesh] OR “back pain*” OR “facial neuralgia*” OR “prostatitis” OR “fibromyalgia”) defined as any condition included in the American Chronic Pain Association’s list of chronic conditions, or any type of pain lasting longer than three months
Substance abuse Acupuncture AND (“substance-related disorders”[Mesh] OR “substance-related disorder” OR “drug dependence” OR “substance abuse”) any drug or chemical abuse, dependence or addiction
Sleep disturbance Acupuncture AND (“Sleep Disorders"[Mesh] OR “sleep disorder*”) insomnia, narcolepsy, hyperarousal, sleep apnea
Depression Acupuncture AND (“Depression”[Mesh] OR “Depressive Disorder”[Mesh] OR depression* OR “depressive disorder*”) substance-induced mood disorder and major, chronic, bipolar, seasonal, psychotic, postpartum, double, secondary, chronic treatment-resistant, and masked depressions
Headache Acupuncture AND (“Headache”[Mesh] OR “Headache Disorders”[Mesh] OR “headache*” OR “headache disorder*” OR “post-traumatic headache*”[Mesh] OR “post-concussive headache*” OR “post-concussive syndrome*” OR “TBI headache*”) headache of any etiology and duration
Anxiety Acupuncture AND (“Anxiety Disorders”[Mesh] OR “dental anxiety”[Mesh] OR “catastrophization”[Mesh] OR “anxiety disorder*” OR “anxiety”) dissociative anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder
Cognitive function Acupuncture AND (“memory”[Mesh] OR “cognition”[Mesh] OR “memor*” OR “cognition*” OR “problem solving” OR “attention” OR “concentration”) attention, concentration, memory, perception, and problem solving difficulties as well dementia, autism, attention deficit disorder, stroke
Fatigue Acupuncture AND (“fatigue”[Mesh]) any type of fatigue
PTSD Acupuncture AND (“Stress Disorders, Traumatic”[Mesh] or “post-traumatic stress disorder” OR “ptsd”) any type of traumatic stress disorder
Sexual function Acupuncture AND (“sexual function*” OR “sexual dysfunction*”) any type of sexual function disorder
  1. akeywords were searched using Mesh terms and automatic term mapping.