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Table 2 Review outcomes

From: A protocol for a systematic review for perioperative pregabalin use

Type of outcome Outcome
Primary perioperative efficacy outcomes · Pain relief at rest and on movement (any measure)
  · Reduction in postoperative opioid and other analgesic consumption (dose, frequency, and time of first use of rescue analgesia)
Secondary perioperative and long-term outcomes · Postoperative nausea and vomiting
  · Anxiolysis
  · Sleep restoration
  · Early ambulation
  · Early feeding
  · Length of hospital stay
  · Chronic postoperative pain
Perioperative harms outcomes · Somnolence
  · Sedation
  · Visual disturbances
  · Confusion
  · Respiratory depression
  · Cognitive dysfunction
  · Withdrawal due to adverse events
  · Participants with at least one serious adverse event (as defined by the FDA)
  · Mortality
  · Participants with at least one adverse event
  · Withdrawal due to lack of pregabalin efficacy
FDA: Food and Drugs Administration