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Table 4 Overlap between primary studies included in reviews

From: How explicable are differences between reviews that appear to address a similar research question? A review of reviews of physical activity interventions

Number of times each study includeda Total Citation for studies
Included in 1 review 22 [24, 25, 4160]
Included in 2 reviews 4 [39, 6163]
Included in 3 reviews 0  
Included in 4 reviews 0  
Included in 5 reviews 2 [26, 35]
Total studies included in any review 28b  
  1. aThe unit of analysis is the study (not publication). Where a study has multiple publications and review authors have included at least one of the publications, we have judged this study to be ‘included’ (Table 3).
  2. bThis table is based on 28 primary studies, including the two without an available abstract.