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Table 3 Studies with multiple included publications (the first publication in the list is the one that has been used to reference the study in the text and tables above)

From: How explicable are differences between reviews that appear to address a similar research question? A review of reviews of physical activity interventions

Study Publications
Minnesota Heart Health Program Blake et al., 1987 [26]
  Jeffery et al., 1995 [27]
  Flora et al., 1993 [28]
  Kelder et al., 1995 [29]
  Kelder et al., 1993 [30]
  Luepker et al., 1994 [31]
  Mittelmark et al., 1986 [32]
  Murray et al., 1990 [33]
  Perry et al., 1989 [34]
Stanford Five City Project Farquhar et al., 1990 [35]
  Flora et al., 1993 [28]
  Fortmann et al., 1990 [36]
  Taylor et al., 1991 [37]
  Young, 1996 [38]
Welsh heart project Tudor-Smith, 1998 [39]
  Nutbeam and Catford [40]
  1. This is a list of all publications for each study that are cited by the included reviews. It does not represent a complete list of all publications from each study.