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Table 1 Elements in guideline developmenta

From: Prospective systematic review registration: perspective from the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)

Elements Specification
1. Organization and structure National or professional coordinated program. Development by (multidisciplinary) working groups, including healthcare practitioners, systematic reviewers and/or methodologists and patients.
2. Preparation Definition of scope and objectives. Formulation of health and clinical questions and patient-important outcomes. Specification of targeted patient or population groups and intended users.
3. Development process Identification of evidence via systematic literature search. Assessment and synthesis of evidence. Translation of evidence into recommendations for daily practice and health policy.
4. Validation External review of draft guidelines by peers and stakeholders, as well as, if feasible, by field-testing.
5. Dissemination and implementation Publication on paper and/or electronically via website or journal. Further implementation via tailored strategies to promote the actual use of the guideline.
6. Evaluation and revision Regular update based on scheduled review (every 3 to 5 years) and updating procedure.
  1. aSource: Van der Wees et al. [15].