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Table 1 Relative importance of grey literature as used by AcademyHealth in their Grey Literature Project[48]

From: Immigrant women’s experiences of maternity-care services in Canada: a protocol for systematic review using a narrative synthesis

5 4 3 2 1
Working papers Data evaluations Speeches Newsletters Pamphlets
Committee reports Foundation reports Annual reports Biographies Protocols
Testimony Government reports Presentations Bulletins Guidelines
Conference proceedings Grantee publications Grantee reports Slide presentations Poster sessions
  Non-commercially published conference papers    
  Reports Webcasts Foundation financial statements Meeting agendas
  Special reports Theses   Translations
   Technical specifications and standards   
  1. Items were classified in categories based on a scale of frequency of use (5 most frequent ), and items in columns 5 and 4 were considered to have higher relative importance than the items in columns 3, 2 and 1, which will not be chosen for review in this study.